VFR to Russia

Remember that RV-9 that was based at Solberg?  The guy was always tinkering with it. It was tied down just a short ways towards the hangar from our birds. I remember seeing him working with the cowling off and then an hour later the cowling was back on and he was in the pattern.  He had an accent – maybe Eastern European or Russian.

Well, it turns out he is Russian and a few years ago, “Vlad” flew that thing solo to Russia…VFR all the way!!  The trip started and ended at Solberg and there is a fantastic record of the trip, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  There are a ton of pictures – many of them from the air.  And some great stories about people he met, weather, runways, mountains, controllers etc.

The blog is 20 pages long with the pics and comments from fellow pilots – great entertainment.

Many thanks to Blue Sky member, Adam Pivonka for telling me about this blog.

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