About Us

The Best Flying Club Around

Established in 1957, Blue Sky is one of New Jersey’s oldest flying clubs. We are a not-for-profit social membership organization formed to serve the flying needs of our members. We bring together licensed pilots who wish to share in the aviation community and experience the joy of flying. Blue Sky provides affordable, available, and safe aircraft for our members’ use. We are general aviation enthusiasts.

Why join Blue Sky Aviation Association?

Safe Well-maintained Aircraft

Blue Sky aircraft are well maintained, clean and safe. Maintenance squawks are fixed quickly and professionally. Our aircraft are all IFR equipped with GPS, ADS-B In/Out, Autopilot and 4-passenger intercoms.

Reduced Cost of Flying

The aircraft hourly rental rates at a typical FBO are 10-20% higher than the hourly cost of a comparable Blue Sky aircraft.

Ready to Fly

Blue Sky charges members based on tach-time, not the Hobbs meter. Whether you spend it at cruise altitude or sitting on the taxiway waiting for takeoff, a Hobbs meter keeps adding up the minutes. The tach only operates at 1:1 ratio when at cruise power. That can make a weekend flight to Martha’s Vineyard within reach financially.

As a Blue Sky member you reserve the plane for the period you plan to be away, enjoy your trip, and pay for only those hours flown.

Additionally Blue Sky insures all our members.

The Club Scene

Lastly, as a Blue Sky member, you share in the ownership of the aircraft. You are part of the decision process regarding enhancements, such as new avionics or new aircraft. You share the camaraderie of a group of people with the same interests, concerns and love of flying. Need a safety pilot to practice IFR procedures? Call a fellow club member. Want someone to fly with you for a $100+ Hamburger? Call a club member. Join other club members at our semi-annual wash and wax sessions. Bring your significant other to our annual dinner. During the summer, enjoy the cookouts before our monthly meetings.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out with any questions on our club!

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