How we schedule:

To schedule aircraft, Blue Sky utilizes a third party Web site,

Click to schedule an aircraft.

Each member has an account enabling online scheduling.  Schedule Master also has a Voice Response System, which means you can schedule aircraft with your telephone by calling their number at 800-414-6114.

Click here to download a wallet sized reference card for using Schedule Master over the phone. Print it out, cut it to size, and keep it in your wallet for reference.

Scheduling Policies:

To view full details regarding Blue Sky scheduling policies, see Section 5 of the Operating Instructions.

In general, aircraft can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance, but you can only have 3 active reservations in Schedule Master at a time. A reservation may be made for keeping a plane for up to 19 consecutive days. Note that if two planes are already reserved to be out for 6 or more consecutive hours, than the remaining third plane must remain “local” and cannot be reserved for more than 4 consecutive hours. The “local rule” is explained in Section 5.  [See Paragraph 5.1].

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