[Operating Instructions – Appendix C]

As per Section 3 of the club’s Operating Instructions, only CFIs are permitted to give instruction in Club aircraft. Flight instruction activities can include:

  • Aircraft orientation
  • Annual Flight Review
  • Biennial Flight Review
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Complex Aircraft Endorsement
  • Night Qualification
  • Currency Training/Checks

The following are prohibited training activities:

  • Initial Pilot Training (you must already have at least a Private Pilot’s License, before becoming a member of Blue Sky)
  • Spin Training or any intentional spin entry is specifically PROHIBITED.

Any FAA certified flight instructor including Solberg and non-member flight instructors familiar with BSAA planes and selected solely by a BSAA member, may instruct only club members in club planes. Please note the Blue Sky insurance coverage provisions as stated in Section 2.3 and specifically sections 2.3-4 and 2.3-5 of these Operating Instructions.


Isa Abbassi
Thomas Bubb
Paul D’Auria
Frank DeLuca
Tom Halvorson
Roger Harris
Tyler Harris
Brian Moor
Tomas Najzer
Neel Tilak
Steve Timko

Phone numbers can be found in ScheduleMaster. Members must coordinate flight instruction themselves as the club is not involved in flight instruction.