Learn to Turn

Simple question:  “What is the primary control surface you use when turning an airplane?”  Ailerons, Rudder, or Elevator…  If you answered anything other than Elevator, then this is worth the read (and don’t feel bad – 86% of pilots do).

Credit goes to Ron Joffe for suggesting this article.  He read an article in “AOPA Pilot” by Rich Stowell about the simplest thing in an airplane – turning.  I had previously read Rich’s white paper under the same title – Learn to Turn, and found it interesting.  Before posting his work, I contacted him to get his approval and he heartily agreed.  He also sent me a Powerpoint presentation that he gives and I’m happy to send that to anyone interested.

There are two links here; the first is to the AOPA article from August of this year, several pages long.  The second is the white paper, published by Rich Stowell and Billy Winburn in August 2016, about 30 pages – very well organized and illustrated.

Learn to turn from AOPA Pilot 8:1:2018

Learn to Turn – White Paper

There is also a blog following the subject at the communityaviation website: https://communityaviation.slack.com/messages/C1LNRLJ1Z/


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