Aeromedical Issues

FAR 91.17 states (a) No person may act or attempt to act as a pilot crewmember of a civil aircraft…(3) While using any drug that affects the person’s faculties in any way contrary to safety…

Air Transport pilots are required to sign in – “Fit for Duty” – prior to every flight, but for us General Aviation pilots the FAA has some acronyms (remember P.A.V.E. and I.M.S.A.F.E.?) to help us self-evaluate prior to flight. 

It’s that time of year – sneezy, wheezy, sniffles etc – hopefully nothing more serious. There are quite a few over-the-counter medications that are not approved for use while in command of an airplane. Some of these are on “the list”… cough medicines, antihistamines, gastrointestinal meds, etc. There is an FAA flyer that discusses some of these issues but if you have any doubt, AOPA has a link to a specific database – just plug in the name of your medicine and get the details.

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