Starting the Blue Sky Snowblower

Many thanks to TJ for putting together this tutorial on how to start the Blue Sky snow blower. It can be difficult if you don’t know the specific steps.

Attached is a picture of the back of the snow blower that has been annotated to show the various steps necessary to bring the beast to life.

Note that the step that most people are probably not familiar with is step 6. In order to get the engine to fire you have to actually depress the primer bulb while the engine is turning over. Doing this with one person and the manual pull cord can be a little tricky so it is recommended to use the electric starter. As you are cranking the engine with the starter button, press the primer bulb a few times and the engine should fire. Once the engine has fired you are going to need to continue to press the primer bulb once every 10 to 20 seconds when you hear the engine starting to quit. Depending on how cold the engine is, you will need to do this for 1 -2 minutes. Once the engine can run on its own without periodically pressing the primer bulb, then it is good to go.

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