G3X Configuration Changes

With the arrival of our second G3X in 2SP, we’ve noticed a few display differences between it and 58H.  Thanks to Tomas Najzer’s dogged investigation and documentation, we have learned a little and have had some configuration changes completed – all geared towards improvement and uniformity. In the process, we have also come up with a standard, which we will use on 15M in the future.

These are minor changes, but we wanted you to know exactly what they are.

1. We have reconfigured the EIS strip on 58H.

  • We have removed the Carb Temp indication – it’s still available on the Engine Page.
  • We have removed the miniature 6-cylinder representation at the bottom of the strip – it’s still available on the Engine Page
  • We have added Volts and Amps. – these too are both available on the Engine Page.

We feel that this is a better configuration since both Volts and Amps are always visible, which was not the case before.  So if you prefer to take off with full screen displayed, rather than split with the Engine Page, you now have everything you should need on the EIS strip.

2. The EIS strip on 2SP is unchanged.  With no Manifold Pressure gauge, there is more space allowing the display of fuel flow and the miniature 4-cylinder representation.

3. The Fuel Page on 2SP has been reconfigured with a “53 gal.” button, similar to the “88 gal” button on 58H for those times when the plane has been topped off.

4. “AMPS” CAS messages  (low or no amps flow/charging to battery). Prior to this reconfiguring, 2SP had a red AMPS message accompanied by an aural “DING” and 58H had only an amber message with no aural alert. The setup on 2SP was distracting; on the ground, every time you pull the throttle to idle, there’s a “DING”. It is normal for the excessively low alternator output in ground-idle so the alert is a distraction.  As a result, we have configured 2SP like 58H.  An amber CAS message will appear when amps reach a negative value – no “DING”.

5. “FUEL QTY” CAS message.  Both airplanes will generate a “FUEL QTY” message when fuel in one tank has reached a low state.  An amber CAS message on 58H will appear when one tank = 7 gal and if a single tank reaches 4 gal, the message turns red with an aural “DING”. On 2SP, those thresholds are 5 gal (amber) and 3 gal (red).

6. “CHT TEMP” CAS message.  58H will give you an amber message when one cylinder reaches 420º;  2SP triggers at 435º.


7. “SET BARO” and “ESP OFF”. These two advisory (white) CAS messages function on 2SP, but not yet on 58H.  As soon as we get the G3X software updated, they will function on 58H too.  This first message appears when the altimeter setting diverges from the field elevation.  The second is pretty self-explanatory; whenever it has been disabled, a white advisory message will appear.  Re-enable by touching the “scoreboard” and re-selecting.  Or, it will automatically re-enable with a power cycle.


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