Proposed Bylaw Amendments

As everyone knows by now, your Board has been working diligently to amend the Club Bylaws. This has been a six-month project with countless hours spent. We’ve finished and are now sharing our work with you. Here is a link to the final draft.

Next steps: Please read and familiarize yourself with the document. We will hold a virtual meeting soon to explain all the change .

The existing Bylaws are also here on the website (under “About Us”) for comparison purposes and I’ve included a link to a comparison pdf of both documents.

After you have had the opportunity to understand it and give us your input, we will schedule an electronic vote. As a reminder, a 2/3 affirmative vote from the Active Members of the Club is required in order to amend the Bylaws.

DRAFT New Bylaws

Comparison Document of Existing Bylaws and DRAFT New Bylaws

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