N9758H Docs and Gear



Useful Video Links

Training Assistance Links

  • G3X Avionics Presentation (Roger Harris) – 37:54
  • Training curriculum – Basic and Advanced (updated 3/30/22)
  • Training questions (This bank of questions is divided in two sections – BASIC and ADVANCED.  They are not mandatory viewing for Blue Sky pilots. Results are not collected, and they are not “tests”.  They’re designed to help you learn the new Garmin avionics suite.  When you hit “Submit” at the end of the quiz you will then have the opportunity to see your results including the correct answers. This should encourage familiarity with the manuals and could also serve as a basis for discussion with your CFI.  They should also format well on your phone or tablet.)

Equipment Codes
B, G, R, S, Y

Surveillance Codes
B2, E

Wake Turbulence


O2, S2

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