Rates/Fees & Insurance

[Operating Instructions – Appendix A] (Subject to change without notice)

New Member Fees

New Member Bond: $3,000
New Member Non-Refundable Initiation: $3,000

Active Member Fees

Monthly Dues: $115

Hourly Rate (Tach)

  • Cessna Skylane 182R: $188
  • Piper Dakota PA-28-236: $182
  • Cessna Skyhawk 172 SP: $154

Past Due Balance Monthly Interest Charge is assessed at 1.5% of unpaid balance

Inactive Member Fees
Membership Reactivation: 3 x (Monthly Dues) = $345

Club Insurance Info
Policy Underwritten by USAIG

Each Aircraft Hull Insured For:

  • Cessna Skyhawk 172SP: $220,000
  • Cessna Skylane 182R: $220,000
  • Piper Dakota PA28-236: $220,000

Per Incident Coverage Limit: $1 Million Smooth

Deductible each and every loss:  $10,000

Administrative Fee
Administrative charge for unauthorized Credit Card Purchases: $25.00

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