[Operating Instructions – Appendix C]

As per Section 3 of the club’s Operating Instructions, only CFIs are permitted to give instruction in Club aircraft. Flight instruction activities can include:

  • Aircraft orientation
  • Annual Flight Review
  • Biennial Flight Review
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Complex Aircraft Endorsement
  • Night Qualification
  • Currency Training/Checks

The following are prohibited training activities:

  • Initial Pilot Training (you must already have at least a Private Pilot’s License, before becoming a member of Blue Sky)
  • Spin Training or any intentional spin entry is specifically PROHIBITED.

Any FAA certified flight instructor including Solberg and non-member flight instructors familiar with BSAA planes and selected solely by a BSAA member, may instruct only club members in club planes. Please note the Blue Sky insurance coverage provisions as stated in Section 2.3 and specifically sections 2.3-4 and 2.3-5 of these Operating Instructions.


  • Isa Abbassi
  • Thomas Bubb
  • Matt Canning
  • Dan Collins
  • Paul D’Auria
  • Frank DeLuca
  • Tom Halvorson
  • Roger Harris
  • Brian Moor
  • Tomas Najzer
  • Steve Timko
  • Greg Weber

Phone numbers and emails can be found in ScheduleMaster. Members must coordinate flight instruction themselves as the club is not involved in flight instruction.

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