Windy (weather app)

Nowadays there are SO many different sources to get weather information. “Windy” has been one of my go-to apps for a couple years. It is free and it offers lots of weather information that cannot be obtained in one spot elsewhere.

Some of the information that it provides is not free elsewhere either, for example the ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts). Anybody who lived through Hurricane Sandy may remember that ECMWF was the only forecast that got it right.

Windy can be used on a desktop computer and they also have an app for both tablet and phone. You can go straight to the desktop website. No account required, but a good idea because then you can save your settings. The mobile app is easy to find.

Today, I came across this introductory video from the folks at Pilot Workshops. See what you think.

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