McGuire ATC Video Briefing

McGuire ATC recently held a webinar briefing on ATC issues within their airspace.  It conflicted with our Blue Sky BBQ meeting, so members may have missed it, but you can watch a recording of it now:

Click here to watch

The presentation is a little wonky and sometimes downright boring, but there are some nuggets of good information in there:

  • Don’t traverse their airspace at hard IFR altitudes – 2000′, 3000′ 4000′
  • Be especially vigilant at the two airports under the RWY 6 arrival corridor and RWY 24 departure corridor – South Jersey Regional and Flying W.
  • “High” approaches are not uncommon at WRI and  NEL.  This involves high speeds and high rates of descent (as much as 8000 fpm).
  • Mobility Air Command rules do not allow ADS-B out, so you won’t see their aircraft on your Garmin screen.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Talk!  Call McGuire approach on 126.47.  There is NEVER a bad time to call them.  They want to talk to you.
  • They are also happy to help with practice approaches.

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