Use of the Electric Tug to Move 3DS

Here’s a brief video on the use of the new battery-powered tug to move the DA-40. Similar to the pre-heater, the tug will live in the shed and its battery will remain charging with a small solar panel.

The tug has a front end (the fork) and a rear end (the wheel frame, battery, and steering handle). The two sections disassemble to take up less room in the shed. Slip the square tube from the front end down into the mating section of the rear end and you are ready to move it.

The easiest way to move the tug when not towing is to push down on the handle to lift the drive wheel off the ground and push the assembly along on its rear wheels.

Here’s the video:

Prior to pushing the plane back into it’s parking spot, if the tug is not already set up, it may be a good idea to first park the plane near the hangar line so the taxiway can remain open.

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