News – Pfizer vaccine, ADS, and Pre-heating

A few tidbits that have come across the glare-shield recently…. Thank you Bob Doyle and Tom Bubb:

  1. Although most of us are unlikely to be getting a Covid vaccine any time soon, the FAA has given the go-ahead to pilots getting the “jab”, as they say in England. One provision: 48 hours of not flying post-injection. This applies to the Pfizer vaccine. Link to FAA approval.
  2. Tom brought this to my attention and it’s a good timely briefing on why we pre-heat. A few years old, but…. nothing has changed in aircraft engines. AOPA article.
  3. Bob forwarded this article on ADS.  Reading it, you have to wonder how much longer SSR radar sites will be maintained. The article doesn’t touch on ATC datalink, but…that’s coming too before long. ADS article.


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